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More than 5 years of software development. We have completed 50+ complex projects and offer you our experience.
Alexander Karabasov

Client reviews

Rodion Popkov
SML is a team of professionals, their developments can withstand high loads. We launched 2 products together with SML. The technical implementation was excellent. And most importantly, the deadlines did not float. But you need to understand the functionality of the product at once by 100%, and not how I did it 😀 otherwise, a significant part of the resources may go for alterations. Take the time and money to build a prototype.
Eugene Kobzev
I never believed that software can be outsourced without loss of quality, but SoftMedialab dissuaded me with their work.
Thank you, George and Max!
Victor Lisitsyn
Product Owner, Cardpay
Trust and professionalism, what everyone is looking for, declares, but does not find. But, not in this case! I was a client and witness how guys created a complex fintech product from scratch. Together we launched and maintained the project. Then I realized that SoftMediaLab can handle projects of any complexity and from any area. Therefore, I sincerely recommend it.
Everything will be done as it should, everything will work, and most importantly - on time!
Kannan Reghu
Vice President, Grover
I recommend SoftMediaLab because developers are really strong and we have seen that they are executing the tasks with good quality. Guys are doing a great job and I like to keep in touch when we have further burst of resource requirements in future.
Head of Logistics, Holding "Cable Alliance"
We chose SoftMediaLab to develop a digital trading platform for freight carriers integrated with 1C ERP.
The active use of the site has shown the reliability and efficiency of the developed tool. During the entire development period, SoftMediaLab proved to be competent partners for solving the assigned tasks in IT sphere.
Michael Shmulevich
CEO, Exilion
For a customer from Toronto, my company is developing an international online cryptocurrency exchange.
SML acts as a subcontractor for this project. The work is carried out in sprints in the difficult conditions typical of a startup. From the very beginning of the collaboration, SML specialists demonstrate excellent communication skills and complete tasks on time.
Vsevolod Krylosov
SoftMediaLab is a team of skilled professionals that helps us develop our mobile applications. Company employees are always available to contact. I am proud of the product that came out of our work with the SoftMediaLab.
For the past two years, we have been working with the Soft Media Lab team on the development of the ADVANTA corporate project management information system (www.advanta-group.ru). We entrust our colleagues with the development of complex modules, technical development, and product improvement. During this time, the team completed hundreds of small tasks, as well as about ten large projects. The work is carried out on time and with high quality.
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