Mobile Application
"Smart Coach"
The client approached us with the task of developing a professional tool for the work of Trainers and Nutritionists. The customer needs an application that allows to quickly create training programs and nutrition plans that can be sent to their clients in the form of a beautiful PDF document.
Business task
Within a week, a team of 4 developers, a designer and a team lead was assembled. Development was carried out in weekly sprints.
Technologies: TypeScript, React Native (Android 6.0+ / iOS 10.0+).
The developed application allows user to record all the necessary information about the Client - age, physical indicators, injuries, eating habits and features, training goals, photos and contacts, calculate the recommended LCBU, keep charts.

A database (200+) of exercises for all kinds of muscles and a database of products with FFA was created. For most exercises a 3D animated video with the correct technique and the necessary explanations was created.

In addition to working with clients, Smart Coach allows you to plan your activities and keep financial records.