Accessibility map for people with reduced mobility

The project is developing an accessibility map for people with reduced mobility: parents with children, people with disabilities, elderly people and pet owners. The accessibility map shows social and entertainment facilities: shops, banks, pharmacies, theaters and other institutions. The author of the accessibility map and the project is the laboratory named after Stephen Hawking.
Business case
Softmedialab specialists decided to use google maps API to integrate with the application and display a map for people with disabilities on top of the google map
Technologies: React+Redux, Typescript, bootstrap, material, scss, Webpack, Swift, Kotlin
The SML team have developed a website and native mobile apps using iOS and Android for Using the platform, people with special accessibility requirements can find information about establishments, as well as assess their availability.
SML is a team of professionals, their developments can withstand high loads. We launched 2 products together with SML. The technical implementation was excellent. And most importantly, the deadlines did not float. But you need to understand the functionality of the product at once by 100%, and not how I did it otherwise, a significant part of the resources may go for alterations. Take the time and money to build a prototype.
Rodion Popkov, СЕО
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