Cryptocurrencies Exchange

A bank in the United States decided to develop a cryptocurrency exchange that is used in the traditional way by dealers and financial brokers that are part of the bank's ecosystem to trade various cryptocurrencies.
Business case
For 2 years, the project was developed by an international team of 15 specialists. When a new investor came, a new team was formed, which included 3 developers from Russia, a project manager from Canada and several testers from India.
Technologies: C#, SQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Dapper, MVC, WebApi, AWS Cognito, SignalR, AngularJS, Bootstrap
To ensure liquidity of funds, the platform was integrated with other popular digital currency exchange services. In addition, the site has implemented arbitration mechanisms, market formation tools and an order management system. An open API and a website for clients are also available on the platform.

Solution structure:
- Website
- Order management system
- Portals and API
- ChainWatch - blockchain analysis tool
- Analytics
For a customer from Toronto, my company is developing an international online cryptocurrency exchange.
SML acts as a subcontractor for this project. The work is carried out in sprints in the difficult conditions typical of a startup. From the very beginning of the collaboration, SML specialists demonstrate excellent communication skills and complete tasks on time.
Michael Shmulevich, СЕО Exilion
Client review