Company analytics

Business Nedvizhimost
Business Nedvizhimost is one of the largest owners of commercial real estate in Moscow, a subsidiary of Sistema JSFC. Total portfolio of objects is over 400,000 sq. m. The Company provides professional and efficient real property management services, including leasing services.

All company's business data was gathered and kept in several# accounting databases and was#handled by specialists. In order to rapidly collect key metrics, form analytical reports and transmit data to the headquarters it was required to develop an automation solution that would allow to consolidate disparate information in a single dashboard.
Business case
SoftMediaLab team of developers has created a single database with integration with 1C BIT and Sber.Navigator service for analysis and display of financial and economic indicators of Business Nedvizhimost. The data is automatically structured, categorized by information types and transmitted to the server for further# processing and visualization.
Technologies: React.js, Node.js, TypeScript
  • Reporting is done automatically from incoming data

  • Visualization and  collation of the indicators into a single structured system allows you to determine critical points that hinder business processes

  • Provides rapid feedback to the parent company by reviewing current business strategy while developing new ones and troubleshooting issues that may be causing losses for the company.